The Sour Skittles strain is usually spelled skittlez or zkittlez, so you don’t have to confuse yourself with the names. What’s more important is that this Indica dominant cross is bubbling on the sides with a fruity flavor. The sour skittles strain may be a hybrid of fruity Indica favorite grape and tangy Sativa grapefruit. the top product combines the simplest of both the parent strains to yield a robust physical and mental high. The results are smooth and versatile. The THC content for sour skittles strain is measured between 15% and 23%.


The Appearance


As the name suggests, this strain will make allow you to taste and feel the rainbow simultaneously. The plant from which this strain comes has broad and chunky flowers during a form of green and purple colours, where the vivid orange coloured pistils are evenly sprinkled. the foremost prominent feature of this plant is however the white-coloured trichomes ensuring the strains’ psychoactivity.


 The Aroma of Sour Skittles Strain


The aroma of this plant is where it outshines. If you properly cure them, you’ll be ready to derive a cool sour and sweet combo from the flowers. A secondary note determines more berry and citrus tones. Upon grinding, the sour notes of this strain are deepened. When burnt in a very joint or pipe, the flowers will emit a awfully appealing smoke. Upon exhalation, the sunshine smoke tastes fruity with a dominant grape flavour. you’ll be able to coincide the grape flavour with the purple-coloured leaves if you want to.


Effects of Sour Skittle Strain


The effects of this strain come on quickly. Though the head-on effect is pretty sublime. Initially, some pressure building on the temples or round the eyes is obvious. Smokers who became at home with the taste are able to notice a wierd change in their sensory observations with time passing in an exceedingly slow-motion mode. Their vision and auditory senses will be blurred.


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