Ice Cream Cake

With numerous different strains on the market, it’s difficult for consumers to discern quality cannabis. While many strains are eye-catching branded for the aim of luring customers, few samples of cannabis do justice to their namesake like sweet Cake.

This week, the upper Path shines a spotlight on this extraordinary strain with a special lineage that reaches into the best of cannabis history. Ice Cream Cake could also be a renowned indica-dominant hybrid, descended from the equally lauded bridecake and Gelato #33 strains.

Upon one’s first encounter with dessert Cake, the crystalline sheen of its buds becomes apparent, covered fully by cannabinoid-rich trichomes. Indica strains have a reputation for inducing deep-seated tranquility and restfulness in those who consume them, and afters Cake isn’t any different. However, the strain also utilizes aspects of its Sativa genetics to produce a cannabis high that’s often described as completely unique.

Likewise, the strain’s aroma and flavor are considered to be exceptionally delectable compared to other, similar strains. When presented at kickbacks or other cannabis-oriented get-togethers, afters Cake is virtually bound to make an instant relation to people that make its acquaintance.

 Ice Cream Cake: Scent and Flavor

With a taste that’s reported by many to be harking back to vanilla and cream, it’s fairly easy to know how the dessert Cake strain acquired its name. However, those astute smokers with experienced cannabis palates may additionally be able to identify hints of fruit and spice.

Upon opening a container of dessert Cake, the senses are immediately awakened to a stunningly complex aroma that not only draws to mind the sugary sweetness of its name but calls forth notes of other scents like herbs and fresh lavender. The dessert Cake strain stands out as a smooth smoke, as well. Beyond its creamy flavor, consumers will notice that the delicate flower comes apart almost at the touch, making for a bowl that’s simple to pack and easy to burn.


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