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Blueberry Cookies Strain

Blueberry Cookies is another strain within the long line of Cookie deviations, all having their origins within the primary Cookies strain, female Cookies.

This blueberry flavored variety is an Indica dominant hybrid that was made by crossing Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint girl Cookies. This uniquely strange cross-breeding creates a distinctively flavorful strain, though with an exceptionally dominant blueberry flavor.

The flavor profile of blueberry strains traces back to the 1970s, with the creation of the initial Blueberry strain by

Blueberry Cookies could even be a cross of two potent and famous strains, combining together to form a sweet, tart, and powerful Indica hybrid that ought to provide the results of both of its ancestors.

The initial high is felt quite quickly when first imbibing Blueberry Cookies, though you’ll notice it primarily within the body. it’s compared to a gradual anesthetic, oozing and permeating your entire body because it seeps into each and each one altogether your muscles. As could even be expected, you’ll feel a potent sedative effect that, while immensely relaxing, isn’t so overpowering so on feeling cumbersome or within the slightest degree debilitating.

Blueberry Cookies Flavor

After you’re taking your first puff of Blueberry Cookies, the taste of fresh blueberries will hit your tongue. However, rather than the cloying sweetness tinged thereupon uniquely tart quality that produces fresh blueberries so enjoyable, there’ll be an endless undercurrent of earthiness.

After this primary wave of flavor has passed, the taste of toasted almonds and cashews will overwhelm your pallet. during this fashion, the taste of Blueberry Cookies is strangely like its aroma, with the sole real difference being that the flavors die your tongue, instead of hitting you all directly because the smell does.

Mint dwindles within the rear of your throat, almost quite a tiny low mint leaf that got mixed in with a bushel of blueberries so you’ll enjoy a rather herbaceous tinge to the strong, fruity sweetness.

Blueberry Cookies could even be an honest medley of flavors, providing both an inherent sweetness from its daughter Cookies heritage, but also its powerful blueberry aroma and flavor. However, it’s the melding of those two different genetics that has this distinctive flavor.

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