Our Biscotti strain review covers one in every of the West Coast’s most flavorful cannabis strains. From the famed group of cannabis breeders called Cookies Fam, comes Biscotti, a hybrid strain with an intense potency and flavor. If you’ll get your hands on this rare indica hybrid, we propose you tread carefully.

Biscotti’s small nugs pack a harder punch than you’d expect. Biscotti strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with roots within the Bay Area. Its sweet and spicy aroma and flavor remind users of a sugary and decadent dessert with a kick. Its robust THC potency can leave users fully relaxed any time of day. This strain’s high THC and terpene content make it a perfect strain for terpene-rich extracts. Biscotti delivers a wave of cerebral effects that instantly get obviate stress. Users feel happy and blissful after some puffs.

Its balanced effects also physically relax the body. Users can sink into their couch and wind down after work. Additionally, Biscotti can make users feel more talkative and giggly. The high begins as a conglomerate of its sweet and gassy scents, a rush of cerebral energy and “liftedness.” Your mind will feel literally high, unfocused, and stuffed with blissful calm.


Your body will become warm, tingly, and washed over sort of a shore on a milk and cookies sea. You’ll feel sociable, relaxed, and giggly on Biscotti while enjoying the crazy sugars of the cookie-flavored strain, which smells of earth, fruit, herbs, and cookie. It’s rich, potent, and spicy on the exhale. Biscotti relaxes both your mind and body, allowing you to dispel fogginess, lethargy, depression, and mood swings.

If you discover yourself often confused or fatigued by your busy week, a Biscotti can facilitate your recovery of your energy. you’ll use it to rearrange for a social situation, jolt yourself back to a state of mood-enhancing relaxation, or simply get through a difficult day. And if you favor Snickerdoodles, you’ll love how this one tastes. The countryside includes plenty of great strains.

This one has olivey nugs, dark green with long orange hairs, and a layer of trichome frost. Few strains anywhere have this nutty, sweet cocktail of flavors though. If you’re trying to hunt out some kick-back food and wish to inhale it instead of eating it, try the Biscotti strain for the utmost amount of delicious cerebral bliss as you’ll be ready to handle it.


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